1. Automotive trading represent 50% from all activities
  2. Tire & Rim trading Represent 40% from all activities
  3. Agricultural Trading Represent 10% from all activities

Automotive Trading


  1. New Trucks: We are sol import for MAN trucks from Germany
  2. Used Trucks & Mixers: As natural result of our oldest and deepest relation in Egypt market in this field we import used truck from Germany


  • Hyundai distributor Since 2004 for passenger cars.
  • Toyota distributor since 2005 for passenger cars , microbus &light truck.
  • Chevrolet distributor from along time for passenger cars &light truck.

Tire and Rim Trading

  • Distributor for Pirelli as domestic manufacture of TBR ,Since Starting as Alexandria tire company at 1995 until now.
  • We are sol agent for CEAT LIMITED since 1998 for (L T – T.B.B – OTR –FARM- Industrial- PCR ).
  • Origins : India , China & Sri-Lanka.
  • We were Sol agent for Ohtsu / Falken Japanese tire since 1989 until stopped as a result of anti damping taxes applied at 1998, then we resumed our cooperation since 2011 till now.
  • We are distributor of Kalyani lemmerz in Egypt starting with Lemmerz Company in Germany since 1994 until now with Hayes Lemmerz and kalyani lemmerz from India.

Agricultural Trading

  • We are one of the biggest farms at Egypt.
  • We are working at the agricultural products trading ( exporting & importing).